Клиентам НПФ «САФМАР» — как избежать потери инвестиционного дохода

About the Fund

Joint Stock Company “Non-State
Pension Fund SAFMAR” is one of the 
largest non-state pension funds in Russia.

JSC NPF “SAFMAR” is a daughter company of PJSC “SAFMAR Financial Investments” (EPLN). “SAFMAR Financial Investments” is the first Russian public diversified investment holding focused on financial sector. Holding is a part of JSC“SAFMAR GROUP”, one of the biggest financial industrial groups in Russia, which owns different assets in finance (insurance company, leasing, non-state pension funds, etc.), commercial real estate, development companies, oil and gas companies, and other non-financial assets.

The Fund operates in the area of compulsory pension insurance and non-state pension provision. JSC NPF “SAFMAR” participates in the system of guaranteeing the rights of insureds. The Fund is a member of Association of Non-state Pension Funds (ANPF), Association of European Business (AEB) and French-Russian Chamber of Commerce.

In September 2016 JSC NPF “SAFMAR” announced the completion of the merger process with the NPF "European pension fund" (JSC), NPF "REGIONFOND" (JSC) and JSC "NPF" Education and Science". The Fund is continuing to fulfill its obligations towards the clients of these funds.


According to the results published by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation as of 30.06.2018, the Fund is ranked
among 58 non-state pension funds as follows:


in terms of the average
account among the TOP-5
NPF for pension savings


in terms of the volume of
pension savings


in terms of the amount of