Клиентам НПФ «САФМАР» — как избежать потери инвестиционного дохода

For Corporate Customers

Every year, more and more companies
operating in the Russian market become interested in corporate
pension programs.

Why it is beneficial:
For shareholders (beneficiaries)
  • To receive tax benefits
  • To create the image of a socially
    conscious Shareholder
For employers
  • To create a Corporate Pension Scheme
    for the Company’s employees
    within the applicable budget
  • To receive an additional tool
    for long-term incentives of employees
  • To expand the package of social benefits
For employees
  • To obtain a tool for long-term
    saving (for strategic purposes)
  • To ensure a decent
    pension level

Corporate pension is one of effective
incentive tools for the personnel that enables
to achieve the following goals:

1 To attract and retain
qualified employees
2 To motivate employees for the implementation of
long-term projects
3 Social protection of employees
It is supposed that in future corporate pension will be not only an integral part of the social package, but an obligation of each employer to its staff Become a corporate customer

offers Corporate Pension
Schemes aimed at
the solution of problems
associated with human
resources management

Experience of the SAFMAR Group, professional management, high tech infrastructure and longstanding operation in the Russian enable JSC NPF SAFMAR to implement diverse corporate pension schemes in accordance with requirements of employers.

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