Клиентам НПФ «САФМАР» — как избежать потери инвестиционного дохода

Corporate Pension Schemes

JSC NPF SAFMAR offers fixed contribution pension schemes. The amount of contribution will be determined by the employer depending on the category of employees, their wages and salaries, age, work experience and other factors. In its pension scheme, the employer can defined conditions, under which its employee will obtain the right to dispose of his/her pension amount generated at the cost of the employer’s contributions.

Personalized Account Pension Scheme

The employer makes pension contributions in favor of its certain employees – members who are listed in Personalized Accounts opened in favor of the members.

In co-financing schemes pension contributions are paid both by the employer and the members.

JSC NPF SAFMAR credits pension contributions of the Company and the members on separate accounts. When the member becomes entitled to receive the pension or dispose of the pension amount generated from the employer’s contributions, the pension amount is transferred to the member’s Personalized Account. The pension is awarded and paid to the member when he/she becomes entitled to it according to applicable laws of the Russian Federation.

You can appoint a meeting and have a presentation on the corporate pension scheme by the phone +7 (495) 745 52 11 or by completing a feedback form.