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Scheme Implementation Stages

1. Main parameters of the scheme

The main parameters of the pension scheme depend on the Company’s priority objectives and goals and are based on the analysis of social and economic factors (including the age, sex, average wages and salaries, the payroll fund, etc.). Such parameters may include: categories of employees participating in the scheme; the scheme financing procedure; the pension payment procedure, etc.

2. Preliminary scheme calculations

Preliminary actuary calculations are based on the main parameters. The calculations relate to aggregate costs of the employer for the financing of the Corporate Pension Scheme, pension amounts of the members by the time of pension awarding and pension payments.

3. Development of the Scheme Regulation

The main parameters are enshrined in the Corporate Pension Scheme Regulation developed by the Company that regulates the interrelations between the employer and employees with respect to the non-state pension provision.

4. Scheme implementation

For the purpose of implementation of the Corporate Pension Scheme the Company enters into a non-state pension provision agreement in favor of scheme participants with JSC NPF SAFMAR. If the Corporate Pension Scheme provides co-financing (by the employer and its employees), the Fund also conclude Individual Pension Agreements with the participants. According to the terms and conditions of the Corporate Pension Agreement the Company finance the scheme by making contributions to JSC NPF SAFMAR. The Fund annually distributes investment income from the placement of pension reserves in the financial market to pension accounts.

The Fund’s services provided to corporate customers during the development and implementation of the Corporate Pension Scheme are as follows:

  • Development of the structure and design of the Corporate Pension Scheme (determination of main parameters of the scheme)
  • Provision of previous calculations on the pension scheme
  • Development of the Communication Plan of the Scheme implementation and making presentations for employees
  • Development of marketing and information materials
  • The Company’s Personal Manager
  • The Fund’s Call Center
  • A designated private page at the Fund’s website
  • Provision of statements on pension accounts

You can schedule a meeting and have a presentation on the corporate pension scheme by the phone +7 (495) 777 9989 or by completing a feedback form.