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NPF "SAFMAR" launches corporate pension program for employees of machinery manufacturer "Dynapak"

JSC NPF SAFMAR, a member of the industrial and financial group "SAFMAR", and LLC "Dynapak" signed a non-state pension provision agreement according to which NPF "SAFMAR" implements a corporate pension program for employees of "Dynapak".

"Corporate pension programs are not yet included in the mandatory social package in our country, corporate pension programs are implemented only by the most responsible employers. This is great benefit for employees, and employers can demonstrate their readiness for long-term interaction. The issue of the effectiveness of forming long-term savings and / or providing material support after receiving pension grounds causes interest among many, "said Alexander Lorenz, head of the board of trustees of JSC NPF SAFMAR.

“Dynapak, being a socially responsible employer, seeks to provide his employees with a comfortable standard of living not only in the active period, but also in retirement. On behalf of the Company we make every effort to provide our employees with a quality social package. In addition, we consider the corporate pension program as an excellent motivational HR tool", - commented the general director of the company Dynapak Tomas Yatsek Psheradzki.

The corporate pension program implemented by "Dynapak" offers the following opportunities to employees:

- Guaranteed doubling of their savings up to 5% of salary;

- Accumulation of semi-annual income for 5 years;

- Receipt of an annual social tax deduction.

LLC “Dynapak” is a Russian subsidiary of Dynapac, a French manufacturer of road construction equipment, which is a part of the global FAYAT GROUP. FAYAT is one of the largest French independent construction and industrial group that produces the equipment needed for construction. The company was founded in 1957, the headquarters is in Bordeaux (France). The company's sales and service network is located in 120 countries. They employ about 19 thousand employees.