Клиентам НПФ «САФМАР» — как избежать потери инвестиционного дохода

For Individuals

Each of us, sooner or later, starts to think about
retirement and how to save for a decent pension.

You are young and the "deserved rest"
is still rather distant?

This is a big advantage! The time will benefit
you if you start creating
your pension capital today!

Are you at the peak of your career?

Do you want to save your income
and preserve the way of life that you have become
accustomed to for many years ahead?
Invest more in your future pension!

The modern
pension system

provides you with the possibility
to participate in the generation
of your future pension.

Joint Stock Company "Non-State Pension Fund SAFMAR"

will be your reliable business partner and is happy to offer its services to you:
1 First, deal with your accumulative pension obligatory pension insurance
2 Second, set up your own pension plan non-state pension provision
Become a client

Take advantage of the services provided by JSC NPF SAFMAR

and start planning your future now! Before signing a pension contract or transferring your pension savings to the Fund, Please read carefully the Fund’s Articles of Association as well as the Pension and Insurance Rules.

More details are available on the following phone numbers: